"Olive and D’Arco convey their characters’ affection with such genuine feeling that for a minute or two you might think they are really in love."

Lisa Kristoff, "Boothbay Register" review of Eurydice



Austin is a stage and screen actor based out of Nashville, TN. Austin has worked with multiple regional theaters in and around Middle Tennessee as well as New York and Maine. He is currently a member of the Actors Equity EMC program and is SAG-AFTRA Eligible. When he is not performing, Austin spends his time exercising, reading fantasy novels, and attempting to play his guitar.

"Since childhood my parents helped instill in me a love and respect for theatre - even when they had to drag me out of the house to do so. Later, I discovered a true passion for performing. Since college, I have not stopped working on my craft, auditioning, and performing.

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